Resources to grow market-ready crops

Growing de-registered varieties can create market risk for Canadian canola. You can help protect valuable markets and our reputation as a supplier of high-quality canola by growing crops that meet the requirements of export customers. Click here to learn more and to see which varieties are a no-grow.

Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a potent mycotoxin that can form on stored grain in high moisture conditions. OTA is produced by Penicillium verrucosum, a naturally-occurring soil fungus; but, unlike deoxynivalenol (also known as DON or vomitoxin) which is formed in the field, OTA forms exclusively in storage.

We’re all in this together! Do your part to protect the quality and reputation of Canadian crops and help keep markets open for all. Follow the Keep it Clean 5 Simple Tips below to ensure your canola, cereals and pulses are ready for market.

Cereals Canada is pleased that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a maximum residue limit on chlormequat chloride, the active ingredient in MANIPULATOR Plant Growth Regulator.