Resources to grow market-ready crops

You worked hard to bring in your crop, but factors like high-moisture seed put stored canola at higher risk. Protect your stored canola by checking your bins frequently and following practices to reduce storage risk.

From seed selection to delivery, the decisions that you make on the farm can impact market access for all. The good news is, Keep it Clean! has 5 Simple Tips that will help you keep your crops ready for market. Check them out here, then take the Keep it Clean! Quiz to test your knowledge.

We’re all in this together! Do your part to protect the quality and reputation of Canadian crops and help keep markets open for all. Follow the Keep it Clean 5 Simple Tips below to ensure your canola, cereals and pulses are ready for market.

Cereals Canada is pleased that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a maximum residue limit on chlormequat chloride, the active ingredient in MANIPULATOR Plant Growth Regulator.