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2020 Pulse MRL Advisory

Know The Market Impacts Of Your Crop Protection Product Choices

The success of the Canadian pulse industry relies on the ability to export the pulses produced in Canada. More than 85% of Canada’s pulse production is exported to feed the world, and the demands of the end user are becoming increasingly complex. Market access is important to the Canadian pulse industry, and growers play a key role in keeping the doors to export markets open. Growers are encouraged to review the information on the next page of this document before proceeding with their pulse crop management plans. The use of certain crop protection products may restrict marketing options due to missing or misaligned MRLs in the export market.

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Maintain Market Access.

Pulse Growers – this growing season, there are three crop protection product active ingredients which may create a market risk.

MRLs - Canada Exports (Twitter card)

Canada exports over 85% of its pulses to feed the world.

MRLs - Product Use Mitigate Risk (Twitter card)

Read the pulse MRL advisory. Talk to your grain buyer. Take steps to mitigate risk.

MRLs - Glyphosate (Twitter card)

Grain buyers may not accept pulse crops treated with pre-harvest glyphosate.

MRLs - Diquat (Twitter card)

Grain buyers may not accept pulse crops treated with Diquat.

MRLs - Glufosinate West Canada (Twitter card)

Attention: Western Caanda lentil growers

MRLs - Glufosinate East Canada (Twitter card)

Attention: Eastern Caanda lentil growers