Market access is important to the Canadian pulse industry, and growers play a key role in keeping the doors to export markets open. More than 85% of Canada’s pulse production is exported to feed the world. Pulse growers are advised to be aware of possible marketing restrictions that may arise from using certain crop protection products this season. Growers are encouraged to review all of the following information before proceeding with their pulse crop management plans.

What can you do to mitigate risk? Ensure product residues remain at trace levels or levels well below accepted maximums by following these tips:

Four Simple Tips to Keep Your Pulses Ready for Export

1. Do Not Exceed The Product’s Labelled Rate

Application guidelines for individual pesticides are set to allow growers to properly use the product. Guidelines assume that the labelled rate is not exceeded. Exceeding the labelled rate increases the risk of surpassing recognized MRLs and this can have serious consequences in terms of international acceptance of the crop.

2. Time The Application According To The Label

Labels are very specific in terms of crop staging. Follow label instructions and apply crop protection products only at the recommended crop stage.

3. Consult With Your Exporter/processor About Which Crop Protection Products Are Acceptable In International Markets

Exporters/processors have a good sense of which markets may be sensitive to specific products, and may ask farmers what was used in their crop for more information.