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From seed selection to delivery, on-farm practices can impact market access for all. Follow the Keep it Clean guidelines to ensure your crop is market ready and help protect Canada’s reputation as a trusted supplier of canola, cereals and pulses.

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Melissa-Damiani - Canola Leader

I Keep it Clean…

to produce a product that buyers and, ultimately end users, will want, but also to help protect my farm’s land, environment and people the best I can.

Let’s continue to prove to the world that Canadian producers are capable of consistently producing some of the highest quality, safe and healthy food that is available, and that we can be trusted as professional, top-level producers that are ready to feed a hungry world!

Melissa Damiani Bluffton, AB

Latest Updates

Blackleg can put the yield and quality of your canola in jeopardy and may create market risk. To protect your investments and Canada’s reputation as a trusted supplier of high-quality canola, employ an integrated disease management strategy that includes scouting, crop rotation and growing resistant varieties.

Applying pre-harvest glyphosate too early can result in unacceptable product residues in the harvested grain, which can create market risk. Where allowed, pre-harvest glyphosate should only be applied for weed control once grain moisture is less than 30% in the least mature part of the field.

Cutting a crop too soon after spraying can leave unacceptable product residues on your harvested canola and pulses. To protect the marketability of your crop, always stick to the pre-harvest interval, or PHI, for every crop protection product you apply. Learn more and try the Spray to Swath Calculator today!